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Har-Di-Har - Campaign

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GOODTIME - Can’t Get Away (Jape remix)

My Catalyst.

If I could equate,

No, wait,

If I could even bend my mind to produce

Some revolutionary equation to use

To calculate this pulse of perfect clarity

I would plug-and-chug and painstakingly iterate

Until, layers of papers and programs deep,

I’d have before me

The simplest series of terms.

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My Great Ghost- Plain Sight

Hiding out plain sight 

No reaction to the rain 

Spirited loveless 

Smile at your name 

What about a change of pace 

In your ways 

Take one different step 

Each day 

Calm down 

And look around 

Lift those eyes 

From the ground


I need all this.

I just became violently jealous and hungry, simultaneously.

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Watch Out, I’m About To Be A Real, Productive Adult Over Here.

That’s right, folks. I may actually be entering the real world under the guise of an actual, human adult. High-fives all around.  I just got an internship with a specialty chemicals company (not a drug-dealer) that supplies companies/clients with hard-to-attain chemical compounds used for pharmaceutical, or other commercial, purposes. (Seriously, not a drug-dealer.)  Totes-ma-goats pumped to partake in this real world journey.  I’m thinking of buying myself a smoking robe and maybe a pipe (bubble pipe, not smoke pipe…going for all class, hold the various smoke-related health issues…ADULT.)  

Point being, I’m excited. I am going to actually be engineering chemical compounds in a lab, which makes my last four years as a Chemical Engineering major worth the immense  trouble and lack of a pertinent social life.  

Again, supa dupa psyched.

My nuggets bring all the boys to the yard.

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“I’m nobody’s taxi service!”

The Doctor - The Time of Angels (Series 5)

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